Public Lecture (Brisbane Australia ’87)

Question: Do you leave the present plane of consciousness, just by getting to the Realisation (through Sahaja Yoga)….

(Public Lecture, Brisbane 5th May, 1987)
Question: Do you leave the present plane of consciousness, just by getting to the Realisation (through Sahaja Yoga). I have come here to learn but it shouldn’t happen that you lose your present plane of consciousness.

Shri Mataji: No you don’t lose it. No, no nothing like that happens. Actually, what happens that you get an additional new Shri Matajiawareness within yourself. You are very much there. Very much alert. Absolutely aware but you get an additional awareness which is of the Spirit. You don’t lose anything like that.

Say now, for example, you have a brother. Now you have not very good feelings for him, say for example. When you get your Realisation you see that he is a good boy and you forgive him with your heart, and you love him and you forget that what was wrong with him. You see the good points about him because you become absolute. Your judgement differs. You laugh at yourself. What was wrong with him is no more. I was wrong at that time. You don’t mind accepting that point. I was wrong, not now, I was.

Another thing is, supposing you have a particular habit, and you can’t get over it, it’s impossible, even if you want to you cannot. Now you are so powerful you don’t look at it, you don’t want to have it anymore. You just don’t like it. I would say this way, that an animal can pass through a dirty lane, it doesn’t feel the dirt or filth or anything, doesn’t smell anything. But a human being cannot. In the same way the realised soul doesn’t like anything that is wrong. It becomes righteous automatically. Virtuous automatically and is not asserting that on anyone. They are virtuous, they are righteous and they live in their own glory. This is how the awareness takes a beautiful turn.

Question: Most people say that from their previous experiences they find that it is not possible to have a moment or so where there is no thought.

Shri Mataji: Is true.  You cannot till the Kundalini is awakened, you can’t have.  You see one thought rises and falls another thought rises and falls.  There’s a little space in between which we call in Sanskrit as Vilumba, very little spaces.  Now what happened with Kundalini awakening, both these thoughts become elongated and this Vilumba increases.  So you will automatically have that.  You won’t have to worry about that. (Public Lecture, Brisbane 5th May, 1987)

Question: Is the Kundalini awakening good for the children?

Shri Mataji: Excellent. They are the best. Children are the best. I mean they have no complications, you see. We are complicated. We are on the left side or the right side, we have complications. They are such balanced things. They are the best. Children are the best. The more the merrier. I told them to bring all the children here, I would have been so happy in their company. They may be, most of them may be already born realised. You can’t say. (Public Lecture, Brisbane 5th May, 1987)

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