Radio interview (Santa Cruz USA ’83)

Question: What is the role of woman in this world, the role of the feminine principle?

(From Radio Interview 1983 Oct 01, Santa Cruz USA)
Interviewer: What is the role of woman in this world, the role of the feminine principle?

Mother's childShri Mataji: I would say … I don’t say that women as women who are born as women only have the role, even the men have, everyone has because everyone has Kundalini within them. But the women must know that if they are women, they have a greater responsibility. Not that they should sit at home and only look after children and brood and then nag the husbands when they come home. [laughter] That’s not their role. The role is such that they have to be forbearing. Any person who is the mother has to be like the Mother Earth – how much She is forbearing, how much She suffers! We dig Her out, we torture Her life. Still, She is giving all the time; She is soothing, forgiving, bearing it out. We are doing so many sinful things, I mean, She should explode real with anger, the way it is but She does not. She is very careful. She slowly, slowly informs that “Now get out of this place, it’s rumbling.” She is so kind, you see – that all should come to us.

So, it’s not that it is only the women who should settle down with these qualities, but the time has come that men have to have these qualities. Otherwise, there will be always an imbalance. So, now the men have to become extremely kind, affectionate, compassionate. Give up that competitive spirit, that fighting spirit like Napoleon had – all those ideas are outdated. Now, whom do you respect? People like Mahatma Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln. Everyone, an American should think of Abraham Lincoln.

Question: What’s the role of the artist in this work, this Sahaja Yoga?

Interviewer: What’s the role of the artist in this work, this Sahaja Yoga? (An artist, artistic work like music… )

Shri Mataji: Oh, great, great! Tremendous it is! You see, those people who have been realized souls have created eternal  Sistine Chapel art. Like we can say, Michelangelo was a realized soul. So his work is eternal art. And, they produce art which creates vibrations. You can feel vibrations from him. In the whole church if you go you feel horrid, but when you go to Sistine Chapel (photo) and see his work, the whole thing fills you up with vibrations. They are creators of vibrations. Imagine! The musicians like Mozart – Mozart creates vibrations but Wagner… [laughter]

You see. So, they are the people who are realized souls. You have some tennis players who are realized souls also, perhaps you…

Interviewer: Tennis players?

Shri Mataji: Yah! MacEnroe is a realized soul and Borg is also. And, My grandchild told Me, “You know, why Borg has retired? Because another Sahaja Yogi has come now, the younger one, so give chance to him and that’s why he is very honorably retired.” [laughter]

Is because when MacEnroe speaks, you must have seen, he tells himself “John, now behave yourself.”

They are in the third person. And, that’s why people don’t understand him and he doesn’t like to be insulted. And, that’s very true. Anybody who is a saint doesn’t like him to be insulted. So, like that you have so many people who are realized souls, we can say. Even the Princess of Wales (photo) is a realized soul and the new child is a realized soul. So, there are so many people like that who are realized souls.

Question: …you refer to the Kundalini as ‘she’, is that because you are a woman?

Question: In your discourse you refer to the Kundalini as ‘she’, is that because you are a woman?

Shri Mataji: No, no, ‘she’ is the female side. See ‘she’s’ the shakti, ‘she’s’ the female side. SunlightThat’s why the quarrel about women and men is all falsehood. There’s nothing like that, they exist together. Is like the moon and the moonlight. Is like the sun and sunlight. Is like the God and the Kundalini. Is like the word and the meaning.

Question: How do we know who is teaching something that’s true or who is being deceptive?

(From Radio Interview 1983 Oct 01, Santa Cruz USA)

Interviewer: I have a question that’s important to me and to many people who are searching for something or seeking perhaps, what you call, Self Realization or Sahaja Yoga or something. Some of us don’t know exactly what it is. But we find that there are many teachers. How do we recognize those teachers that you might call fraudulent from the real ones? It’s so difficult because they all seem to be able to inspire us in certain ways and give us experiences. How do we know who is teaching something that’s true or who is being deceptive?

Shri Mataji: First and foremost thing is, anybody who lives on your earnings is not a guru. A guru will never live on the earnings of his disciples. But here there are people who have built palaces, bought aircrafts and cars and this. I mean, this is something one should understand. It’s so, so open to you to understand. I mean, I cannot understand more obvious thing that this one is that it’s a parasitic living. And, you cannot have a parasites as your gurus. They can be parasites but not your gurus. That’s one of the things. And if you… [laughter] Continue Reading »

Question: Shri Mother, …. What is the relationship between love and will?

Interviewer: Mother, we have learned, heard that when we learn love then we shall have will. What is the relationship between love and will?

Shri Mataji: When we’ll have love, then we’ll have will. Good! Love is when you become the Spirit, because Spirit is nothing but God’s love. – is All Pervading Power, is Spirit. So, when you know that love which is not attachment – it’s not attachment, you see, like a sap rises in the tree, it goes even to the trunk, and then to the branches, to the leaves, to the flowers, to everyone. It doesn’t settle down into one flower. If it does, then the flower dies and the tree also dies. So, it is not attached, but it is nourishing. It does what it has to do. That kind of a love which is absolutely without any conditions, unconditional, without any lust, without any greed – that kind of a love when you will know. That is only possible when you will become the Spirit. Then you will know the Will of God. The Will of God – what is to be done, because you don’t know.

When you get your Realization what happens is this Cool Breeze is like a computer working.

You ask the computer, “Now, should I do this work?”

If it is yes, you will have cool vibrations. If not, no vibrations. So, you will know His Will. Thy Will be done, you see. How do you know His Will? Then you just know. You become the knowledge. When you become the knowledge (through Sahaja Yoga), when you become the love, then you become the knowledge also. Even in everyday life, if you love somebody you know a lot about that person.

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