Question: How do you feel about people asking for money for spirituality?

Question: How do you feel about people asking for money for spirituality?
Shri Mataji: Is correct, you see that’s a very correct question you asked me, that how do I travel because most of time my husband pays but now these people (Sahaja yogis) are feeling ashamed of themselves that how he should pay for your salvation so they pay to the airfare not to me, all right? To the  what you call the travel agents, not to me, for this hall they have collected little money and they are paying for it. But, you would not like me to pay for your food, for your chairs, for everything. That’s not expected.

See if I have to travel they should pay, it’s in all self-esteem and in self-respect, but I did it for years together first when I came to America I came on my own, My husband paid for everything. Luckily he has money so and he thinks this is a good work so he pays for quite a lot of things, but that’s a different thing, that’s very different, that’s very little that they have to pay, that’s different and it’s all our accounts are known. I don’t know what they do, how they collect money, where they spend it, I don’t see, I’m very bad at accounts! I just don’t understand, but what I’m saying that sometimes if they want to pay for my travel it’s correct, because I think they must have self-respect, my husband shouldn’t pay for my travel, for this hall, for their food, for everything, is it proper? It’s not proper.

So, if you go to one extreme that you give thousand of pounds to somebody, because he gives you a funny mantra, and here people ask me who pays for the hall, I mean they must pay, don’t you think so, in self-respect you all must pay.

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