Joy – Could you explain the difference between joy and happiness?

Oh, very simple, you know. Joy does not have a double thing like happiness and unhappiness. Joy is singular, absolute. It is absolute. It is thoughtless. It is fulfillment. Happiness is always shadowed by unhappiness. It is the double-coined stuff, double faces of a coin. Happiness will be followed by unhappiness, unhappiness
by happiness. It is a relative terminology. But joy is absolute – absolute. It is beyond thought. It is bliss.

It’s more like contentment?

Contentment can be relative still. But joy is all that in one. Joy is where you do not ask anything any more. You are just there. It just emits. You do not want anything. It just goes overflowing. It has nothing to do with your rationality, cannot be perceived through your rationality. It is beyond. You just feel it.

(26th May 1980 – Q1)