Anger – When we get angry, is our anger just our tendency to react?

If you get angry within yourself and if you are sure that you are not doing anything wrong, for a Sahaja Yogi there is no need to say, “outside you are angry.” There is no need.

That anger itself is a power and you should do your bandhan and anything that you want to do, but you should not show that you are angry. You should be absolutely silent because you can be. You are in the axis. You are not on the periphery.

Actually, the anger is just to see your anger and use that anger for that purpose. And once you start doing that, that anger will itself work out. That anger will itself work out the person. And you will be amazed. But you must learn to see your anger that is working. All these things are important.

You have seen that sometimes only shouting at the bhoots, they go away and many mad people have been cured like that. But you do not do all that. That is for me. You must be always decent, with decorum and all that. But if the anger is because of your nature or a tendency or out of control, then it is a bad thing.

(6th August 1982 – Q2)