Sahaja Yoga Meditation… Questions & Answers

Welcome… Here you’ll find a compilation of Questions and Answers (Q&A’s) relating to the Sahaja Yoga meditation technique and its philosophy, as taught by its founder, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. These Questions have been posed to Shri Mataji at various events, such as public lectures and interviews. The answers below are Her response to the questions. Each event is grouped using the Q&A Categories feature (on the right sidebar). New Q&A’s are regularly posted on this page.

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Question: At what age is it good for a child to get Self-realization?

Public Lectures (Australia '92)

Shri Mataji: Any age. There’s nothing, no limits on age at all, any age. Even when the mother is pregnant they get Realization. There’s not age limit or anything.

Question: Can you provide the definition of enlightenment?

Press Conference (London '99)

Question: What do you give, provide the definition of enlightenment?

Shri Mataji: Enlightened means a personality, enlightened personality, I can tell you, is a person who is beyond his mind. And he is in contact completely with this all-pervading power of divine love. As a result everything in that person is guided, helped by that divine love. That power is so great that it looks after you, it Painting of Buddha having just attained enlightenment, while sitting under the Bodhi Tree in Bodhgaya, India. The flame on the top of the head, indicates the opening of the Seventh Chakra through Kundalini awakening. (Wallpainting in a monastery in Laos)organizes everything, it thinks, it understands, it is wisdom of all the things. You become a person who is so collectively conscious. 

Today we need people like that. Otherwise you always think about yourself. About others you can only think when you are collectively conscious. But these days there are so many people marketing their spirituality, you see. That’s also there. And just people jump to it, I don’t know why. Why don’t they find out what is the gain, what did you gain out of it? Nobody wants to know.

Question: How did you find America?

Shri Mataji: They are antipodes. Continue Reading »

Question: Is the Kundalini awakening good for the children?

Public Lecture (Brisbane Australia '87)

Shri Mataji: Excellent. They are the best. Children are the best. I mean they have no complications, you see. We are complicated. We are on the left side or the right side, we have complications. They are such balanced things. They are the best. Children are the best. The more the merrier. I told them to bring all the children here, I would have been so happy in their company. They may be, most of them may be already born realised. You can’t say. (Public Lecture, Brisbane 5th May, 1987)

Question: So, you are talking about God as a real entity, as an existing entity.

TV Interview ORF (Vienna, Austria ’88)

Interviewer: So, you are talking about God as a real entity, as an existing entity. God, I mean, is existing, is something for you?
Shri Mataji: Of course.

Interviewer: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Of course He exists.

Interviewer: Excuse me that I’m asking this [it was not clear for me ?].
Shri Mataji: No, no, it’s correct, it’s correct, it’s correct. No, no, what I am saying is true.

But I would say in modern times, as Buddha didn’t want to talk about God, I didn’t talk about God for at least two years. Tried to avoid, because in modern times if you talk about God half of the people would leave the hall. But gradually now I convinced them about the existence of God, God exists.

Shri MatajiYou have ask just a question, it’s like a computer when you are a Realized Soul. Ask a question. If you say, “Mother, is there God?” Vibrations start coming. Supposing, relatively you see (Shri Mataji laughing & laughter), you put your hands and ask me a question, that’s it. Now you ask another question, like say, supposing somebody comes before me, they start shaking like this. And you say that you are following a false guru, that’s why you are shaking. Then the person will say, “How do you say, that because I am shaking maybe because I have my powers.” So you get another one who’s suffering from lunatic asylum, coming from lunacy, you see, you ask him – he will also shake. So relatively you see what you are. It has happened many a times with us, you see.

In Poona, they’ve said that, “You are not a Brahmin,” and all that. But they never told me, these boys never told me. We were having a program. And suddenly I said, “Who are Brahmins among you?” So five, six of them came and sat before me, “We are Brahmins.” I said, “All right, you are Brahmins, now put your hands towards me.” They started shaking like this. So I said, “Why are you shaking?” So, of course being Indians they said, “Because You are Shakti so we are shaking.” I said, “All right, but why are you shaking, nobody is shaking except for you?” They said, “See, the others are shaking there.” I asked them who are they. So, they said, “We are certified mad people from a lunatic asylum, have come because one person has been cured by You.” (Shri Mataji laughing) So the Brahmins kept all right. This is what it is. (Laughter) I must say the Divine comes to my help, you know. Otherwise these fanatics they think no end of themselves. They think God is in their pockets.

Interviewer: Okay.
Shri Mataji: I am happy you are for New Age. But try to understand where is the New Age. Everything has a camouflage. Everything has a camouflage. When I went to America, people told me that, “Mother, you better get your copyright.” I said, “What copyright?” “You must get copyright, otherwise they will use Your words.“ I said, “Let them use it, it’s a very good idea. Why should I take credit for anything? Let them use.” So they are saying vibrations, they are talking chakras, they are talking this. But what about Kundalini rising? – They can’t do it. They can’t do it. That’s the only point. They are using all my words, if you listen to My lectures long time back, you see, they are using all my words, they are using all my knowledge, everything. But that’s superficial. That’s all superficial. You have to have your Realization. And there is no harm. You take your Realization and you give Realizations to others. But if you want to make money with my words, if you want to make an organization with my words, then I can’t help you, I am sorry. That’s it.

Question: Shri Mother, …. What is the relationship between love and will?

Radio interview (Santa Cruz USA '83)

Interviewer: Mother, we have learned, heard that when we learn love then we shall have will. What is the relationship between love and will?

Shri Mataji: When we’ll have love, then we’ll have will. Good! Love is when you become the Spirit, because Spirit is nothing but God’s love. – is All Pervading Power, is Spirit. So, when you know that love which is not attachment – it’s not attachment, you see, like a sap rises in the tree, it goes even to the trunk, and then to the branches, to the leaves, to the flowers, to everyone. It doesn’t settle down into one flower. If it does, then the flower dies and the tree also dies. So, it is not attached, but it is nourishing. It does what it has to do. That kind of a love which is absolutely without any conditions, unconditional, without any lust, without any greed – that kind of a love when you will know. That is only possible when you will become the Spirit. Then you will know the Will of God. The Will of God – what is to be done, because you don’t know.

When you get your Realization what happens is this Cool Breeze is like a computer working.

You ask the computer, “Now, should I do this work?”

If it is yes, you will have cool vibrations. If not, no vibrations. So, you will know His Will. Thy Will be done, you see. How do you know His Will? Then you just know. You become the knowledge. When you become the knowledge (through Sahaja Yoga), when you become the love, then you become the knowledge also. Even in everyday life, if you love somebody you know a lot about that person.

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