Question: Shri Mataji, when did you start to create your theory, your yoga?

Question: Shri Mataji, when did you start to create your theory, your yoga?

Interviewer: So can you give me some not private details on your family’s life. I read as well in your bio, that now your daughters are married, and then you started to do what you are doing nowadays. So did you influence them as they were kids? Or when did you start to create your theory, your yoga?

Shri Mataji: No, I was quite aware of it from My very childhood. And I took My birth in a Protestant Christian religion, you see, My father and mother were enlightened people, especially My father was a very enlightened person, and actually he told Me what sort of work I’ll have to do, because what problems I’ll have with human beings, because he told Me how human beings are, their problems are, what permutations and combinations they have. And then as a custom in India I had to marry also and I married a very nice man, and then I had children. And I thought that unless and until I reach a certain age, I should not start talking about it, because at a young age people may not take it up seriously.

But apart from that I had another problem that I found that human beings have certain permutations and combinations of barriers and because of those barriers, if I have to do an en–mass Realization of people, I’ll have to overcome all those barriers at a shot. It means in one lecture I should be able to give Realization to thousands of people and to work it out, you see, I started studying human beings, and tried to see through subtle mind how I could raise their Kundalini, how I could give them Realization, what are their problems. And it took some time for Me to settle that. It so simultaneously it worked out with the marriages of My daughters and themselves settled down and this.

So when in 1970, 5th of May, I saw the way things are happening and all that and I thought this is the right time to open that last part of it, which I had, the seventh chakra, and that when I did it, and that is the point, where I really mastered this en–masse Realization, because so far it was a Realization of one person or two persons. And My father told Me that, “You are born really to give this en–mass Realization to people.”

So You don’t start talking about it or otherwise You’ll create another Bible or Gita, what’s the use. You better work on the system that You understand human beings properly, and You start en–mass Realization, because if somebody is born on the 10th storey, and somebody is born just on the first floor, you see, he cannot understand that person and he attacks that person. So is best is that You raise them higher than from where they are so that they know at least that there is something beyond. And the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga is not today’s, so I wouldn’t call it a founder, it is in tradition of spirituality, it started long time back, the Realization was given thousands of years back in India, but it was given to one or two persons. Even Christ at His time has done a very great work of resurrection and in that He has said that, “You have to be born again.”

So that what is not just a certificate, is a self-opinion that we are born again or is a artificial baptism. It is a real happening, is a living happening within ourselves, which has to take place, about which of course Indians know, because traditionally we are brought up that way. So we know that this happens. And the knowledge of the roots is more in India than here, it is more the knowledge of the tree, we can say, but that exists there. And this happening once takes place you achieve that new dimension which we call as collective consciousness, by which you become collectively conscious. You can feel another person’s centers and you can feel your own centers. And if you know how to correct them and how to correct the centers of another person, mentally you can cure them, physically you can cure them, emotionally you can cure them and also they become the citizens of God’s domain.

(Editor: About above Photo : For 16 years, 1974-1989, Sir C.P. Srivastava was Secretary General of the International Maritime Organisation, IMO, a specialist United Nations agency, which is based in London.  After his retirement he received a Knighthood, on the recommendation of the British Government, as Knight Commander in the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George (KCMG).  Sir C.P. is the author of the following books: “Lal Bahadur Shastri – A Life of Truth in Politics” and “Corruption – India’s Enemy Within”.  He is pictured here with his immediate family, his wife Shri Mataji and their daughters Kalpana and Sadhana.)