Sahaja Yoga Meditation… Questions & Answers

Welcome… Here you’ll find a compilation of Questions and Answers (Q&A’s) relating to the Sahaja Yoga meditation technique and its philosophy, as taught by its founder, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. These Questions have been posed to Shri Mataji at various events, such as public lectures and interviews. The answers below are Her response to the questions. Each event is grouped using the Q&A Categories feature (on the right sidebar). New Q&A’s are regularly posted on this page.

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Question: And what is this technique (Sahaja Yoga Self-Realiszation) about?

TV Interview ORF (Vienna, Austria ’88)

Interviewer: And what is this technique (Sahaja Yoga Self-Realiszation) about?

Shri Mataji: It’s a very – depending on a person. Now see, we will take your case for example. (Shri Mataji laughing) You are a very busy person, one thing.

Interviewer (laughing): How do you know?

Shri Mataji: and you are very futuristic

Interviewer: Yes.

Shri Mataji: and you plan a lot, you think a lot. Such a person we call as a right-sided person. And you exhaust your right side energy much more.

So we have to fill in your right side energy. There’s a very simple method after Realization is to put your hand like this and – after Realization, not before that, and just to take the energy from the left side and put it on the right side, to fill you up. It’s very simple examples of movement of your fingers and hands – but after Realization, not before that. Before that it has no meaning. It is like if it is not connected to the mains, no use using this instrument.

Question: Individually, is the purpose of the soul to be separate or collective?

Public Lecture (New York, USA '99)

Question: Individually, is the purpose of the soul to be separate or collective?
Shri Mataji: Collective is the purpose of your soul. You have to become collective, but it’s not the collective, artificial one, but like your hands are collective with the whole body. If there’s a pain here the whole body will feel it. But who is the other? You can feel everyone within yourself. And that is what happens to you. So the purpose is that you become the whole, and completely engulf into the whole. All right?

Question: Most people say that from their previous experiences they find that it is not possible to have a moment or so where there is no thought.

Public Lecture (Brisbane Australia '87)

Shri Mataji: Is true.  You cannot till the Kundalini is awakened, you can’t have.  You see one thought rises and falls another thought rises and falls.  There’s a little space in between which we call in Sanskrit as Vilumba, very little spaces.  Now what happened with Kundalini awakening, both these thoughts become elongated and this Vilumba increases.  So you will automatically have that.  You won’t have to worry about that. (Public Lecture, Brisbane 5th May, 1987)

Question: I have tried to go into spiritualism in the real sense of the word.

Public Lecture (New Delhi '83)

Question: I have tried to go into spiritualism in the real sense of the word.

Shri Mataji: Some gentleman has done spiritualism in the real sense of the word, and his health is deteriorating. I have told you already what is the reason for that is – you take to spiritualism out of ignorance. There’s no spiritualism. There is no “ism” with God. Spirit cannot be “ismized”. So, you take to Sahaja Yoga. Become your Spirit. You cannot “ism” it. That’s one thing you cannot “ism.” You can have “isms” in everything. But Spirit is detached. It cannot be put into “isms.” So those who say “spiritualism” must know they have done wrong. All right? You come to Sahaja Yoga and forget it. I know I am sorry for that. You are misled but God is there and Spirit is there. In Sahaja Yoga we promise you that. Whatever mistakes you have done, it can be corrected.

I would say that whatever I said today, you must take the tape and listen to it at home. I’ve said all these things already. But your attention should have been there. Now you take a tape from these people. Listen to it. I’ve said the same thing which you are telling – that these are the problems of a big person who goes to these things and how he gets into problems. All right? So then you come to Sahaja Yoga. I know you are a seeker. And, if you are a seeker, that will be given to you. That’s your right to have it.

May God bless you.

Question: How do you communicate with people who are bound by their dogma and are rigid in their beliefs?

Public Lectures (Australia '92)

Shri Mataji: See love can melt anything isn’t it? And there is a way. First you have to, logically talk to them. Divine logic is very convincing, but if somebody’s a stone, there is no need to break your head with the stone, but logically you can explain, and if they have dogmas they will melt, because you can ask them a simple question: ‘What did you get out of it? What powers did you get out of it? A simple question should be asked, and that’s how the dogmas will fall. But mostly it happens like this I’ve seen, if there are, many friends and, or family everybody gets to Sahaja Yoga and they see the way they are, then automatically they come. Mostly dogmas are fashions, so it’s a fashion, and these people who have dogmas are, people who do not seek truth. But once they see also, sometimes they come. But we cannot guarantee that everybody will be there. According to John, He just said hundred and forty-four thousand, we have already crossed that limit, so I don’t how many will be there. It’s a question of one’s own seeking and also, they have to deserve it, they should be worthy of it.

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