Questions: Is it fair to say that the Kundalini in you arises and meets your mother energy coming from above?

Questions: Is it fair to say that the Kundalini in you arises and meets your mother energy coming from above?
Shri Mataji: It is all pervading power all right. When the Kundalini rises what she does, she enlightens our subtler side of our nerves, our brains and everything. She enlightens and by that we start feeling it. Is the enlightenment that we get because of her connection with the all pervading power. It exists, already it exists. But you cannot feel it normally. When she rises, then your nerves are so enlightened that you can feel it. All right? You might be already getting it. I think so. All right should we have it now?

(Editor – The image on the right shows the awakened Kundalini energy rising up the centre channel and enlightening each chakra until it reaches the seven chakra and the top of the head. At this point, Self -Realization is achieved. The Sahaja Yoga technique facilitates this process.)

Questions: I have heard that there are stories that it is dangerous to arouse the Kundalini. Why are there such stories?
Shri Mataji: These stories are because people who are not authorised have tried to raise the Kundalini. The person who has to raise the Kundalini has to be authorised by the divine. Such a person must have that pure character. These people just try to raise the Kundalini and the deity on the last chakras, what I call the chakra of innocence is the one which gets annoyed and that’s how they get into trouble. As I told you this is the chakra looks after those people who are not authorised to do it. Or we can say in a very gross way one can explain this way, that a person, who doesn’t know about electricity and put his fingers into the plug, he gets a shock. But it’s much worse than that. The persons who do not have a proper character or proper life and tries these tricks gets into trouble. Not by the Kundalini but by the deity which is protecting it’s chastity. 

These stories are there and naturally such people should they give these stories, sensational stories and people like it. Why many people follow them? I mean it is so dangerous to be following all those wrong things.

Now I must have given this Kundalini awakening to thousands and thousands and thousands of people and nobody had any problems. She’s your mother and as your mother has given you birth taking all the pain herself. She takes up all the pains, she doesn’t give you any trouble at all. At the most you might feel a little tingling or something. Maybe if somebody’s possessed then he starts little bit jumping also. If there’s a possessed man, start little bit jumping, but so far we didn’t have any funny experiences of that kind. TM people start jumping I have seen that, or people from black magic, they start jumping before me. Also these Rastafarians, they started jumping. There’s some people who do that way but they are all possessed, they are not normal people. But they jump for a while you can bring them round it’s not so difficult.