Question: Mother, is it a symbol of your photograph that gives vibrations?

Question: Mother, is it a symbol of your photograph that gives vibrations?

Question: Mother, is it a symbol of your photograph that gives vibrations?

Shri Mataji: It’s true. My photograph luckily has some sort of a coefficience that it emits vibrations. I mean, I would like anybody else’s photograph if it does, because it’s a good idea; but I don’t think there’s anyone like that, because none of the incarnations and none of the saints were photographed. It’s very surprising, nobody was photographed. At the most, and also, nobody was portrayed in their lifetime, because you know what happened to all the saints and to all the incarnations: when they lived, everybody was after their lives. No question of having so many people. I mean, even Christ had hardly twelve people and how they tortured His life! Actually, if you see His public life, He lived hardly for three and a half years and they crucified Him.

So, this is what the world was. It’s not so bad now. I mean, nobody is going to crucify me, but still there were no photographs. So, the modern times has another advantage that they have photographs, and they will show you lots of beautiful photographs and things which will stun you. But that will be later on, you can see. But even this is such an advantage that I can talk to so many people. And aeroplane is such an advantage that I can travel all over the world. Everything is such an advantage today. The communication have improved so much that I could come to Canada. Can you imagine Christ coming to Canada? [Laughter]

So, I mean, see the whole advantage is there and in Russia I have given realization to people on television, on television. But they are extremely sensitive people, extremely sensitive. I mean, in the program when we had the scientists, one of the scientist got up and said, “But Mother, please tell us how You cure people when they only attend Your program when they are so many.”

I said, “I don’t know if I’ve cure people.”

But they are so sensitive. Their spirituality is just there. It touches so fast. We can say that they are very, very ultra-modern sensitive instruments. Just touch them and it works. It’s rather surprising. Their attention is so good. Their attention is so good. So, that’s what it is, it works. But if they can get it, you can get it. You can do it. But also, another problem in the West is that we are very guilty people. For nothing at all, we are extremely – one side we are destroying ourselves, that’s one way and another is all the time we feel, ‘I’ve done this wrong. I’ve done that wrong. Sorry, Sorry!’ English language is full of it.

So, we all the time start feeling sorry. There’s no need to feel all that guilt and sin and all this nonsensical ideas. That really spoils the game for me also. I have seen Americans are the worst. They are guilty for this and guilty for that. What is there to be guilty? After all, you are human beings and if you have done any mistakes, doesn’t matter. After all you’re not Gods. So what? If you have done mistakes, all right forget it. Forget the past.

But this is also another problem of the West is: now their forefathers say came here and killed some Red Indians. Now, the forefathers are finished, they might have become Red Indians in this lifetime. They are not there. You are their children’s children’s children’s children. Now why are you carrying on the jokes so far? But for everything they feel guilty – is another such a mental nonsense that please, before I start this program, I have to request you that don’t feel guilty for anything. You have done nothing wrong.