Question: How can you compartmentalize?

Question – How can you compartmentalize? What happens when a person is a realized soul? What is the state? When he is a realized soul, what happens to a man?

Shri Mataji: See, the first thing is to say that “how can we compartmentalize it?” because is the ego and super ego is on two sides. Actually, have you not noticed in our body, everything is a compartment. You see even a cell is a compartment. Everything has a boundary. It’s not some sort of a … even the blood has to pass through the channels. It has to go through these arteries. Everything is a compartment. There’s nothing like something just left there like a pulp. If it becomes the pulp, you won’t exist. So, everything is in compartment. Sahaja Yoga - Subtle bodyIt’s ego and super ego are like balloons and they are two balloons which can press each other, which can flow on one side.

Now see the , is placed like this on the left hand side more, and this one on the right hand side is the super ego. Still the ego when it increases in size it starts moving on the right hand side and the super ego, when it starts moving, it starts moving this way. So everything is in a compartment in our body. You are sadly mistaken if you think there’s anything is in a pulp, nothing. Or something like a air flowing in. Nothing like that. Everything has a channel. Everything is in a compartment.

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  1. sandep on 03 Dec 2010 at 3:44 pm

    can any body explain me what is difference between ego and super ego.

  2. Vasspirituale on 22 Dec 2010 at 1:43 am

    Hello, Jay Shri Mataji!! I am not sure if we need to ask for permission, may I use this picture in my blog which is about meditation and peace and other stuff. Thanks . JSM

  3. Editor on 29 Aug 2011 at 8:45 am

    Of course you can!

    Regards Editor.

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