Art – How is an artist, who is a Sahaja Yogi, by what means are they to create a piece of art?

The piece of art must emit vibrations.

If it does not emit, that means there is something wrong. Go for some higher subjects like Kundalini, like the expression of Kundalini. The colours of Kundalini intrude into another world. You have to move into that world.

You can see we have so many artists – for example, you can say Blake. And for a Sahaja Yogi, it should be a kind of a beautiful integration of the gross and the abstract or the realistic and abstract, you can say, and little bit of impressionism. That is how you should try to integrate all of them. They express one style. A Sahaja Yogi has his own style because he knows how to mix them, how to integrate. But certain colours like black should be avoided. But the pastel colours, if they are mixed with black, give a depth to the pastel colours.

( 6th May 1984 – Q3)