Question: Is there a difference between the awakening and Self-Realisation?

Question: Is there a difference between the awakening and Self-Realisation?
Shri Mataji: Yes. Very good question. There is a difference between awakening and realization, it’s true.

It awakens, it passes, you can see with your naked eyes in many people when there is obstruction, you can see. It passes through various chakras, you can see. In some people it is so slow moving, otherwise it takes just split of a second. But if there’s an obstruction you can see it and the awakening has taken place.

But the breaking of the Sahasrara is the realization where you get cool breeze in the hands. If you don’t get cool breeze in the hands at least you must get cool breeze here. Minimum. But sometimes this center is very bad in many people. Then you don’t feel it in the hands but you must feel it here. But still, it’s just the beginning, just the germination.

Like Christ has said that some seeds fell down here and some seeds fell there. It happens like that. So awakening is not the end of it. It’s just the beginning. It has started and then realization is established.

First, when the Kundalini goes over these chakras you get a state called thoughtless awareness, where there’s no thought in your mind. It’s very easy to get. This is the center of Christ. It goes above that. When it passes through all these centers of Moses and Abraham and all that, it passes through the center of Christ and it passes through this Brahmarandra, fontanel bone, then you get your baptism, then you feel the cool breeze in the hands. But, it may be sucked back into the places where there’s a problem because with me I’ve seen people get it just like that. It flows like a great … river, in flood. It happens. But then, sometimes it comes back. But once it is awakened, it is awakened, you have to learn how to establish it. It’s a very good question, my child. You have to know about it