Question: Shri Mother, …. What is the relationship between love and will?

Question: Shri Mother, …. What is the relationship between love and will?

Interviewer: Mother, we have learned, heard that when we learn love then we shall have will. What is the relationship between love and will?

Shri Mataji: When we’ll have love, then we’ll have will. Good! Love is when you become the Spirit, because Spirit is nothing but God’s love. – is All Pervading Power, is Spirit. So, when you know that love which is not attachment – it’s not attachment, you see, like a sap rises in the tree, it goes even to the trunk, and then to the branches, to the leaves, to the flowers, to everyone. It doesn’t settle down into one flower. If it does, then the flower dies and the tree also dies. So, it is not attached, but it is nourishing. It does what it has to do. That kind of a love which is absolutely without any conditions, unconditional, without any lust, without any greed – that kind of a love when you will know. That is only possible when you will become the Spirit. Then you will know the Will of God. The Will of God – what is to be done, because you don’t know.

When you get your Realization what happens is this Cool Breeze is like a computer working.

You ask the computer, “Now, should I do this work?”

If it is yes, you will have cool vibrations. If not, no vibrations. So, you will know His Will. Thy Will be done, you see. How do you know His Will? Then you just know. You become the knowledge. When you become the knowledge (through Sahaja Yoga), when you become the love, then you become the knowledge also. Even in everyday life, if you love somebody you know a lot about that person.