Question: What you should know about Yoga & Meditation

Question: What you should know about Yoga & Meditation

What is Yoga?
Yoga literally means ‘union with the universal soul’, Most people today associate yoga with the modern version which can only offer postures and breathing exercises.

Traditionally, those practising ‘true yoga’ aim to have that union between their individual soul and the universal soul – the supreme spirit.

A ‘true yoga’ leads one to this union by awakening the inner Self through special knowledge and meditation.

What is Meditation?
Meditation is the personal experience of going beyond one’s thoughts, worries and upsets, and being in a state of peace and calm. After the ‘true yoga’ or union has taken place, this state is quickly established.

Meditating for even 10 to 15 minutes a day nourishes and improves the individual’s connection with the supreme spirit – the source of all peace and joy. There can be immediate benefits in stress relief & contentment. It has been scientifically shown that regular Sahaja Yoga meditation can reduce certain illness. It helps one attain balance and enlightenment.

How does ‘true yoga’ happen?
Through Sahaja Yoga a subtle energy within, called kundalini, is spontaneously awakened – giving the ‘true yoga’ for meditation. When done correctly, it happens instantly with no effort or thought.

Sahaja means ‘spontaneous’ and Yoga means ‘union’ – the spontaneous union.

About Sahaja Yoga
Sahaja Yoga is a true meditation that is being practised by thousands of people around the world. Its popularity has grown steadily since it was founded in 1970 by Shri Mataji – who is known as the Mother.

There are many Sahaja Yoga locations, both in Australia and worldwide, which offer the public an opportunity to experience true meditation for themselves. 

Who can do Sahaja Yoga?
Everyone. No matter what your age or lifestyle, you’ll find the techniques of meditation easy to do and follow.  Sahaja Yoga is available and accessible to everyone. It can be practised at home or with other people in our meetings.  People who are stressed through a hectic life at work or at home, find Sahaja Yoga very beneficial. They learn how to relax, which can lead to a more balanced life free from their stress and anxiety.

What does it cost?
There is no charge for the teaching of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – it is free to anyone who desires to experience it. The basic philosophy of Sahaja Yoga is to provide the knowledge and experience of meditation to anyone who seeks it.