Question: What is the role of thought in the process of Self Realization?

Question: What is the role of thought in the process of Self Realization?
Shri Mataji: I’ve already told you that when we think, we think Place hand on the crown chakraof the future and the past, but at this moment is the thing that’s reality is, the present is the reality, so what happens because of our special type of a brain that we have a prismatic, every time we react to this, to that, to that and all the time we are reacting and especially in America I find there are so many choices that you go on choosing between one to another to another to another this is maddening. We are all the time thinking, thinking, thinking we cannot stop it, but after Realization you are at peace. If you want you can think, if you don’t want you need not think. I must tell you, a Swiss doctor told Me: “Mother you cut my throat do what you like, but stop this thinking, I’m fed up.”


  1. CL Patel

    Mind, because of habit of thinking in search of peace can not feel peace in which it already exists. Only after self-realization we come to realize the truth. We never knew before self-realization that peace is the state of thoughtless awareness. So we become peaceful in present when we do not think past or future which are myth. And myth can not give us peace only Truth can. In search of truth we take many birth so that in one of them wemay by the grace of the Divine can get this “present” the timelessness and thoughtlessness and enjoy our emancipation

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