Awareness – After Realisation, does one get knowledge of what is on the other side of death and does one find a little bit of God inside oneself?

The second point is correct.

You find God within yourself, then your priorities change about knowing about things. You do not want to know what is beyond life because you come into the present. You are not worried about the past and the future, but that also you know because gradually your vision improves. You start seeing what happens after death. You see the patients coming to you and you start seeing they are spirits and this and that and they are possessed by the spirits and then you talk and find out such a lot about them, what all that is. So it comes to you as an experimentation with your truth that you have found out.

But the main thing that happens to you is that feeling, that universality. You just start feeling in the sense that it becomes a part and parcel of your awareness. As a human being, you have a special awareness for flowers, a special awareness for cleanliness. Animals do not have. In the same way, you go to the point where you just become aware…. You start feeling what is right and wrong.

(6th March 1992 – Q9)