Awakening – What is achieved once this awakening happens? I mean, why are we better for it?

We are like a light.

Now when you are enlightened, what happens to you? You see the light. In the light, you see yourself. All confusion is finished. You know the truth and you feel so blissful and happy because you know everything. There is no chaos, nothing. You are so relaxed and the power starts flowing through you all the time. It is never lost and you see in that light whatever is good and whatever is bad. And you understand everything so well.

And when you become the light, what do you do? It is to give the light to others so that they should be enlightened also. But this dead light cannot give light to others in such a way as that light can give to others. But you can. Once you are realised, you can make others enlightened.

The whole confusion of disintegration, quarrels and political problems and these economic problems and religion, everything will subside absolutely when you are enlightened.

Human beings have to be enlightened because they are in darkness. That is why all these problems are there.

(6th March 1992 – Q8)