Artist – Mother, perhaps You can see the beauty because You are the artist.

Artist – Mother, perhaps You can see the beauty because You are the artist.

I am the artist and I am the art. But what about you? Who are you?

You are the one who is created and you can create and you can become the artist. That is what I am saying, that you are not only the light, but the light that will give light to others. And also you will sustain that light, which you have given.

This is the difference now between you and other people, not that only you will be the artist, but you will enjoy the art of the artist. This is what you have got. You do not know. You are not aware of your powers. It is a dynamic thing which has happened to you, which you should take to. But our attention is on from where the dirt is coming, where the filth is coming, where the ugliness is there….

The same thing can look ugly to a person who is of that kind of an attitude who wants to see everything ugly.

Try your attitudes. Try to see good in others. Try to see. I am not saying for other people, but I am saying at least for Sahaja Yogis you can do it. Try to see good in them, what good they have done to Sahaja Yoga, what you owe to them, how to get

along with them. Why not see the good in them? By giving them encouragement, by being good to them, you are helping Sahaja Yoga. But you want to help your ego because you are very wise.

So then only, by appreciating another person only, you have a better relationship.

This is a very simple fact.

(6th August 1982 – Q4)