Attention – Shri Mataji, could You say something about maintaining our attention so that it stays where it should?

The best way is to learn how to watch yourself.

Just now, sitting here, just put yourself into a position from where you watch yourself. “Now what am I doing?”

This is the abbhyas. This is the study. Apart from mantras, apart from anything, the abbhyas is the practice, the practice of becoming a witness. And the witness is the spirit state. There attention will not go. I mean you will see everything….

That is how the attention can be fixed very well if you practise abbhyas. Practise all the time to be the witness. Say you go out, you see something, you just try to see it, not to think about it. Be a witness of the whole thing. The joy will be complete and also you will become absolutely peaceful. Your attention will be completely enlightened. And then the inspiration you will get will be tremendous….

To me, it is just like a film in my mind. If I have seen this room, now I know what is in this design. Everything I know, how you are sitting, what pose you have taken, how you were, what it was. Everything is like a design. It comes to me just like a picture – absolutely not of this life, but of lives – because that is a recording system that records best.

(6th August 1982 – Q5)