Question: How important are our eyes?

Question: How important are our eyes?

Q: How important are our eyes?

Shri Mataji: Another thing a Sahaja Yogi must know, that eyes are very important for Sahaja Yoga. When the Kundalini rises, then the dilation of the pupils takes place, because you have seen the children how their eyes are dilated. Looking at everything, what is happening. Just gazing, silence, complete.

Silent seeing goes on through the eyes. And that’s why eyes are very important. You must learn to fix your eyes within yourself, in your heart. Humble down, in your heart, fix your eyes in your heart. You see, I say that way, but I don’t know if you can do it. I don’t know if you can do it, but if you could do it that’s a very good way of doing things.

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Looking at everyone, gazing at everyone, seeing this, seeing that, is a very bad exercise for your eyes. It’s a very bad habit. Try to keep your eyes low, on the earth, Mother Earth, watching the lower part of the body. Than the face, because face, if you are made that way that you can watch the faces, all right but you are not yet made. Best thing is to see to the feet. And your eyes will touch their gross sense, feet from where the sensation of vibrations go up. Upward, and the Kundalini rises better. Actually those who suffer from low Kundalini rising, if they could rub oil on their feet and wash their feet, it’s a very good thing.