Question: What would be the effect of increasing number of Sahaja Yogis on the economic system…?

Question: What would be the effect of increasing number of Sahaja Yogis on the economic system…?

Question: What would be the effect of increasing number of Sahaja Yogis on the economic system and the lifestyle of the country where the increase of Sahaja Yogis takes place?

Shri Mataji: Oh, it just triggers everything. For example, now what are our problems? We see the economic problems of this country is. I have understood it so well that we have so much of a, say, ores and all other things like silver we have here, and gold and all kinds of things we have, and the ones who are exploiting us are Americans and nobody sees the point. Nobody sees the point. While those who will get Sahaja Yogis, they will become so dynamic. They will put in their own industries here. Why send it? Why make cars in America? Why not make them here? So many things can happen because you become so dynamic and there’s so many people to help you all over that this is what should happen. After all, you have all kinds of things available here. Why should you send your aluminum to America, to be drawn into wires and beaten into sheets? There’s no need. We can do it ourselves.

So this, you see, self-confidence that we can do it together and the collective feeling can give you such good ideas. And another point is that the way we are working out machines now. Now we have to understand that machines are for us. We have created machines and machines are to be used according to our need and we are not for machines. They are not to dominate us. So as much as we need we’ll use machines otherwise we’ll not use machines. And as a result, already it is happening that people don’t like machine-made things and machine-made this thing. So they will go to the balancing state where they will take to more handmade things and handmade material. Now for a handmade things you don’t have to have so many. Like, now we say in India, thank God, we are quite poor country, we can’t afford to have so many machines. Thank God for that because now in a household they will have about, say, ten plates of brass or twelve plates of brass. Finished. We don’t have to have so many crockery, cutlery, this, that, that breaks. Then, after that you have plastic. Because it breaks so you have plastics. So, you go on. The plastic is now mounting up, mountains after mountains we have created.

So, you take more to practical side, very much practical and more to the natural. And in natural, it’s nice to have one natural thing than to have ten plastics. Now people are realizing, I’m not saying they are not realizing it. But still there are machines sitting on top of us. And then the entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurs are very clever. Today they start one fashions, tomorrow another fashion, third day third fashion. England is another one who suffers a lot. For example, in a place like London, which is such a cold place, people have pants which have holes in it. They call it holy pants, you see. And now imagine, they developed varicose veins with that. Or they’ll have tight pants. They have to do something about it. They have to feed their machines. So they will start this fashion or that fashion.

Now, there’s another fashion which is also very dangerous that people don’t put any oil in their hair. Before taking a head bath, one can put easily some oil or before night they can put it. They are all getting bald. Once they get bald, them they’ll sell their wigs. The same hair which are fallen off, they make wigs and sell it. They are befooling you. If you see little bit, you stand out and see how they are befooling you must, these entrepreneurs are. This is the fashion today, that is the fashion.