Question: When you depart from this body where does the spirit, where do the energy stay?

Question: When you depart from this body where does the spirit, where do the energy stay?

Question: When you depart from this body, as this lady was asking, where does the spirit, where do the energy stay?

Shri Mataji: Spirit – it’s a very long answer, but I would say, Spirit goes according to its desire, alright. Now, supposing there is a drunkard, who dies, now he wants to drink still, even if he’s dead. He will hang in somewhere in the limbo, I think, he will get hold of somebody who drinks a lot. This side of psychology, people don’t understand in the west. Because it’s nothing in the medicine about this. The other day I read a very nice article about it, was published in America. That Japanese believe that you get possessed by a spirit. Even in the bible it is so that you get possessed by the spirit. But they have said that 50 to 60% people get possessed. Schizophrenia, all kinds of psychological problems come from that. Now, in India also we believe in it. And if you can remove the possession of a person the person completely changes, no doubt. But this is still in the realm of science, you cannot get it. I mean, I would say that, psychology is still a childish science and in that realm they don’t understand what is this possession.

Is a fact that so far they have not gone into it, but we know in Sahaja Yoga very clearly, because we get catches on the left hand side, say here on this thumb, that means a person is possessed. Yes, it’s like that, it’s so simple. And then you can cure that person. So many persons have been cured. So many. Who have given up as lunatics, or schizophrenic or all kinds have been cured, no doubt. But it is to be seen and to be worked out, then you can believe it. Because people don’t believe that there is such a thing. But there is. There is some sort of a negative force which overpowers human beings, it is true. I must tell you the truth.

We have had so many cases, even in England, where people were possessed. So many cases.

On the contrary I would say that cancer and all psychosomatic troubles come to people when they shift to the left side. Means to the past. Maybe some viruses which are dead long time back are in our being – that everything is past is in our being. So they can attack. And I’ve told them long time back somehow through this cognitive knowledge that they will call by 53 proteins and 63 progenides [ ? UNCLEAR] I told them. And now they know it is so. So cancer is curable in Sahaja Yoga, we have cured cancers, of many people. Absolutely curable. We have an hospital in India, already established near Bombay. There’s a nice hospital where people are cured. And we don’t charge them for any treatment, only for the stay.

It’s a fact, you see, because people never talk about it, they never told you.

So you think it’s a, some sort of a mythological thing, it’s not. It is there, it exists.

So many diseases are not cured because we don’t know about them. You see, I was myself in a medical school, so I know that they know very limited things. Beyond that, they don’t know. But in Japan, I was surprised that they believe in it and they treat people. Even in India, I mean, they know.