Question: Shri Mataji, would you say a few words about the golden age? The forthcoming golden age?

Question: Shri Mataji, would you say a few words about the golden age? The forthcoming golden age?

Question: Shri Mataji, would you say a few words about the golden age? The forthcoming golden age?

Shri Mataji: You see, Aquarius, as they say, Aquarius according to our astrology is the Kundalini. The Kundalini is Aquarius according to Indian, I should say, Indian science of Astrology.

And, you see, they, what they say that this age of Aquarius is very important, because this will change the lives of people. And that is what they have already described about this, that now there was Kali Yuga, means the worst possible times. The whole Kali Yuga means the absolutely the worst and worst possible time for our destruction. That was over. Then comes Kruta Yuga, I mean, overlapping. Now, in Kruta Yuga, this all-pervading power, they call it Paramchaitanya, becomes active. It starts helping people to come along.

That also has been going on some days.

After this, is Satya Yuga. It’s the age of truth. But it’s a last judgement. If you take to truth, alright, well and good. But if you don’t take to truth you are judged. It’s like this.

Now how many people take to truth, very surprising. Like a place like Russia, you’ll be amazed – Russia. Country like Russia. I went there and I first time went to Saint Petersburg, that’s Leningrad that time. And when I went to the hall I saw about 2000 people sitting outside. Because there you have to pay for a hall, I mean, the hall people. So, 2000 seats were all occupied inside. So these people outside, people said: “Maa, are you not going to give us realisation?” I said: “How do they know all this?” Somebody must have told them. When I went in I said: “Alright, wait, I’ll come back then I’ll give you Realisation.” So, I went inside. Inside there were 2000 people nicely sitting down, listening to me and then they got their realisation. All of them. I was amazed. What’s the matter? How is it they’re working so fast? And then I came out and I saw there were again these 2000 still sitting there. 45 minutes they were still. I said: “Alright, you all come tomorrow morning, we’ll sit outside.” Now, in Moscow they have huge big places, huge big compounds and buildings. I said: “I’ll sit on the steps and I’ll try to give you realisation.”

You won’t believe – 2000 from inside, 2000 from outside and one thousand extra, I mean, 5000 people gathered there next morning and they all got their realisation. In Moscow, you won’t believe how many people, if somebody asks me, I cannot say, have got realisation.

Now, the reason, I reasoned it out what must be the reason. I asked them: “How is it? Had you advertised that much?” “No”, they said, “we saw your photograph. We knew. We came.” So sensitive, I say. And thousands and thousands have got realisation.

These people are so deep, so deep, so humble. I couldn’t understand why, why are they so much spiritually endowed, how did they get all this. And what I found is that communism has given them no freedom of any kind. And as a result, I think, they got completely oppressed and the whole thing growth was inside. And also if you have read those great novelist, even Tolstoi, or anyone – they always show introspection, even by the hero or by the villain, anybody, they all introspect. And this is the one, I thought, is the very deep personalities they develop. And immediately they got it. A far fetched place called Togliatti where they make motorcars, thousands and thousands – we could not get to any hall, because formerly, I mean, normally what was the thing we were taken, we would have to take a stadium – 18 to 20.000 in Moscow or Leningrad or a big city. But in Togliatti we didn’t know what to do. So we just had it in the open. Thousands and thousands. But not in England – no.

Much worse is America. I don’t know why. Even Indians in England are no good. I just don’t know what happens to them. They are neither English nor Indian, I think, something is, but we have very few Indians even, I must tell you this, very frankly.

But in India we have so many, so thousands and thousands who have got realisation. Though Indians know they have to have self realisation, even here. But somehow they are fed up, I don’t know of what. Even if you read Shakespeare you feel like understanding that he was a great realised soul. What he showed was the futility of human endeavour in every line, it’s clearly shown. That’s what he was. I can’t understand, see, because I’ve read so much Indian novels and English novels and English writers. I find all of them are so enlightened. Can’t understand what’s happening in England now. Why? Now, 20 years I’ve been in England, first time I’m meeting people like you. Why? I would ask you, people.

Really, I can’t understand.

Even Austria, you have thousands. Italy, where Roman Catholics you know, are so many. Italians, wonderful. Thousands. But I didn’t live so long there as I‘ve lived in England. Moreover, you see, language-wise, I know this language, though I never studied English, but I know English language, how to speak. But there in their language, it’s Italian or, I don’t know how.

I’m very happy today that you all have come and I hope now from you it will start going into other people. Because it’s very important: we have to change this world.

And, I would say, they also said, some newspaper people have come, but I said: “I’m sorry, I don’t know what they will think of me.” Because they have never been very supportive. But I think they don’t realise their responsibility. Really! Sometimes I see newspapers, I think they don’t realise how much they are harming people by wrong directions. By sensational things. What they have to do is to see what will be the effect of these things that we are writing. Is it going to help them to rise above all these things like jealousies and violence and all these things that are really completely corroding our humanity.

So, I think, all those lines, I don’t find them and by head, I would say, I’ve met some of them, they were just after me. “How is it you are in England?” I said: “Because my husband has a job here, that’s how I’ve come.” Then all kinds of funny, funny questions they were asking. You know, I was surprised, they are not interested in spirituality at all. So, then, whenever they said “Mother, somebody is coming from there” I said: “Now – please.”

All kinds of things they would say. “Your country is so poor, what are you doing here?” Then I had to tell them why we are poor. I said: “300 years if you have a guest in your house without a visa what will happen to you?”

Then another question: “Why you have got so many, such a big population, so many children born?” I said: “In that also, I would say, that what I have read about England is this, that so many children are killed every week, by the parents even.” I said: “So, the children must be deciding to be born in a poor country than in a country where they can be killed.” I mean, simple thing like that. Because children want love, they don’t understand anything else.

So like that they asked me funny, funny questions. I said: “I am here for spirituality, talking to about spirituality, and why should I worry about what I am, what is this and what is that?”

Say, we have to change our attitude. Very important. Of course I know some people who are very broad, broad minded attitude towards people, very much. I’ve known some in India also, but there are so few. If this thing has to be done it has to be mass-scale.

Now, we have Sahaja Yogis, many Sahaja Yogis, I should say, but still I’m not satisfied. I think we need many more.

I don’t know why.

Such a big tradition you have in our country. Instead of bringing that here to this country, I don’t know what’s happening. And they are also very, very spiritual people. There too, you read their books you see, you’ll be amazed. Very spiritual.

But suddenly the whole thing has turned round, I think so that spirituality has lost its power. And maybe some, you imported some of the horrible gurus from there also might be. That might be another reason, I think so. But now, I think, they are very much reduced in number, there are few still going round, making money, doesn’t matter. But now you people are very sensible, very highly placed, you should do something about it, my request is.

I’m available and never used to say, whatever you say.

It’s a new mission where you have to do something. You are the ones who are going to completely revolutionize the whole world. You can do it. Absolutely everybody is capable of doing that.