Australia – Australia was inhabited by the aboriginal people who understood these things. Do you have any knowledge and feelings about these people?

Very much – the names are like Paramata. Paramata means the Primordial Mother.

This Rock of Ayers is nothing but Ganesha Himself. This is the land of the Mooladhara chakra. You do not know what a land you are living in. Whatever you may try, you cannot lose your innocence in this country. It is a country of innocence. You keep a bit of it. It is a country of innocence. You will see all that. It is a very great country.

(Photo: Uluru – Ayers Rock)

It is described in the Puranas, in the ancient times, that there was one great saint who committed some mistake and he was thrown out in the sky and God said, “All right, now I’ll allow you to go away from here, but I give you a boon again because you are a great man, that you’ll create your own heavens in the seventh cross.” It is called trishanku in the Sanskrit language.

So you are great people. You do not know you are born on a very great soil. This is the Mooladhara itself, the first chakra, where Shri Ganesha, the innocence, resides.

(1st March 1985 – Q7)