Question: Why have the churches not told us about this (Self-Realization)?

Question: Why have the churches not told us about this (Self-Realization)?

Question: Why have the churches not told us about this (Self_Realization)?

Shri Mataji: That was not the time Sir. Imagine Christ lived only for three and half years, in the sense that for his spiritual undertakings. He was allowed only for three and half years to live like that. Churches do not know it but even Christ, imagine for four years I was struggling with seven English boys and girls to give them Realisation. He did quite a good job, I must say still, but that was not the time. Christ actually came on this chakra, is the Agnya chakra. That was His time to show the way of resurrection. That was His life and that’s what He’s done. But the churches have missed the point. Churches have missed the point and they will go on missing the point because their main interest if it is how to make money, is not good. Or how to convert people is not good.

Question:  Are there a lot of holy people in the church?

Shri Mataji: There could be many people who are very simple. Who believe in Christ, who go to churches because they believe that they will be saved. So all of them will be saved no doubt. They are very simple people, they give such a lot of money to the church and they give such a dedication to the church. Though they are wrongly placed but they will be saved. No doubt about it. They all have to be saved. But there are people who are just making money out of churches. Trying to make a organisation of it, they are trying to convert people, make a political end out of it, then such a thing won’t work out. That’s not proper.

Churches should only deliver the goods of giving Realisation to people. That’s what a church is for. They will learn I’m sure. They will have to become, some of them will have to become. But if they are money oriented or power oriented, I just don’t know. They are more interested in the kings and the prime ministers, princesses and all that, I just don’t understand. They have nothing to do with God.